preparing for CAMP

If you're headed to camp, here are some helpful details you'll need to know!

2022 COVID-19 Requirements

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**As the COVID-19 pandemic is ever-changing, these policies are also subject to change. If needed, we will adjust our policies according to the most current ACA (American Camping Association) and CDC recommendations at the time of summer camp.**

COVID-19 Pre-Screening

All Campers will be required to arrive with a completed Camper Check-In Form with attached documentation showing proof of one of the following:

-A Negative COVID-19 test (molecular or rapid antigen) within 5 days of check-in, OR

-A Positive COVID-19 Antibodies test within 5 days of check-in, OR

-Proof of Vaccination

Download the CAMPER CHECK-IN FORM Here


In the case of a positive camper COVID-19 test in that time period, a full refund will be provided.

Face Masks

Due to the fact that most camp activities take place outdoors, your camper will not need to wear a face mask while at Lurecrest. Masks will be required on the bus, if your camper opts for bus transportation.

Co-horts, Sanitizing, Distancing

Each cabin will act as a co-hort, in order to limit exposure for each camper. Learn more about how co-horts will work, our additional sanitizing efforts, and how we will use physical distancing to reduce COVID-19 risk by reading our full Communicable Disease Plan.

Because the pandemic itself is dynamic, we will continue to update and refine our policies as needed. We aim to provide the safest environment we can for our campers while also fostering a place for fun and building relationships.


Arrival & Departure Day Details

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BY BUS – Buses will depart from Charlotte - location TBD

1-1:15pm – Arrival/Check-in

Buses begin loading at 1:30, leave parking lot no later than 2pm.

BY CAR207 Charlotte Drive, Lake Lure, NC 28746

3:45-4pm - Arrival

Once buses arrive, cars will follow them onto the campground to check in.


BY BUS – Buses will arrive in Charlotte - location TBD

11:30-45am – Parent arrival

Buses to arrive between 11:45-noon

BY CAR 207 Charlotte Drive, Lake Lure, NC 28746

9-9:15am – Parent arrival to campground for check-out


Cabin Assignments

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Camp Lurecrest pre-assigns cabins for all camp sessions. It is our intention to create a family atmosphere in our cabins, and for all campers to feel comfortable and welcome among their bunkmates.


Our policy is to allow bunk requests for groups of up to 4 campers. That means a camper can be paired with 3 buddies, creating the maximum size group of 4. We guarantee that your camper will be with at least one of their requested buddies, and we make every effort to honor all two-sided buddy requests of groups of 4 or less.

Approximately 30% of the kids who come to camp do not come to camp with buddies. We actually believe this can really enhance their camp experience! We do make an effort to place campers without buddies in the same cabin with each other. We do not place a camper without a buddy in a cabin where all other campers have buddies.


Along with bunkmate requests, we do consider age/grade as we are assigning cabins. Some cabins will have multiple grades while others may only be one grade. However, typically, campers will be with other campers of his/her same grade. Furthermore, your camper will never be the only one from his/her grade in their cabin.

A preliminary cabin list will be sent to parents approximately 10 days before camp begins. Changes may still be made to the list at that time and then a final list & cabin name will be sent a few days prior to departure day. That gives parents a chance to double check our assignments. It is no easy task!


Camper Mail/Email

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Our registration system also provides a service where you can send emails to your campers for a fee (although your camper will not be able to email back). Each morning the system bundles and sorts the messages by cabin for us to print out and distribute. This system does not bring revenue to Camp Lurecrest, it simply frees us to do what we do best – be with your kids! 


If you wish to send mail through the US Post Office, our physical address is listed below.  Please note that letters/packages typically take 2-3 days to arrive by standard mail. 

Camper Name
c/o Camp Lurecrest
207 Charlotte Drive
Lake Lure, NC 28746

CARE PACKAGES  A handful of families like to send care packages to their campers. If you do so, please refrain from sending food, candy, and gum, as these will not be allowed in the cabin in order to control ants and other critters! Also, we often have campers with severe allergies, which is another reason we do not allow food or candy in the cabin. [Most campers do not receive care no pressure, parents!] Please Note: Care Packages arriving after a camper's week has ended will not be returned due to excessive shipping charges. Please be sure to send these with enough time to arrive during your camper's week. Thank you!


Camper Sponsorships

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We are aware that some families are facing financial difficulties and it is our desire that no child is prevented from attending camp for financial reasons. Family circumstances and the available sponsorship funds will determine the amount of sponsorship granted. Any remaining camper tuition, the camper’s Ranch House spending money, and the bus fare, if applicable, are the responsibility of the registering party.

To apply for camper sponsorships, first register your camper, which requires a $75 deposit, so that a bed is held for your camper. Our camps fill up quickly; this will ensure that your camper does not end up on the waitlist during the sponsorship inquiry process.

After your camper is registered, fill out the Camp Lurecrest Sponsorship Request Form. Each sponsorship request is given consideration in the order it is received.


Discounts Available

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Sibling Discount Pay full price for the oldest child, and receive $40 off registration for all other children in the same household; the discount will be applied upon application submission.

Bring a Friend Discount Invite a friend to come to Camp Lurecrest and receive a $25 Referral Credit to your camper's Ranch House fund to purchase merchandise and snacks. Just have the friend enter your camper's name in the "How did you hear about us?" box when registering. A $25 Referral Credit will be rewarded to your camper's Ranch House account around May 1 for EACH new camper who registers. The referral does not apply to family members, previous camper families, or campers receiving sponsorship assistance. There is no limit on the number of people you can refer!


Food at Camp

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Over 50,000 meals served each summer!

Our food service staff love to care for campers through delicious food and a delightful dining experience. Each Camp Lurecrest camper is provided with a safe and enjoyable dining experience by accommodating for various dietary needs. Meals are served to our 224 campers and 100 staff three times each day.

Family-style community is a Lurecrest core value that spreads to the Barn. Campers and counselors sit family-style around tables, engaging in conversation and laughter centered around food.

FOOD CHOICES From fruit and veggies at each meal to sunflower butter sandwiches and desserts each night, your campers will be in food heaven! In addition to three hot meals each day, campers can head to our Ranch House for snacks throughout the day.

FOOD ALLERGIES Prior to each camp session, the food service director will review camper allergies. Each week, the kitchen staff take special care to prevent cross-contamination through a special prep area in the kitchen.

SAMPLE MENU Breakfast Bacon, Eggs, Biscuits, and Fruit; What more could you want to start the day? Snack Time! Head to the Ranch House for a healthy morning snack. Lunch Chicken sandwiches to your heart's content! Snack Time! Popsicles to cool off in the afternoon? Yes, please! Dinner Pizza, spaghetti, kid-friendly food galore! Ranch House Snack Grab something sweet or savory before evening chapel begins!

The Barn = Our Dining Hall

The Ranch House = Our Camp Store


How to Register?

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Camper registration happens through a secure online portal. You will create an account that will allow you to register your camper(s), make payments, and update information.

If you have sent a camper to Lurecrest in prior years, please use your existing account, rather than creating a new account.


Is there an Open House?

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Each year, Camp Lurecrest host an open house called Camper Parent Day when campers and their families can visit camp, meet staff, participate in various activities, and enjoy a free meal! It is especially a helpful and fun time for new campers, or for campers who are considering attending the following year. All are welcome!

This year Camper Parent Day will be held Saturday June 11th from 10am-3pm. Click here to RSVP.


Our Dedication to Safety

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We are committed to maintaining a safe camp environment, creating the opportunity to transform lives into the image of Christ.

Safe Staff

We search college campuses all over the southeast for capable and qualified summer staff. Upon applying, summer staff are interviewed to see if their character matches the ministry of Camp Lurecrest. In addition, we run background checks, check multiple references, and pray over each candidate we hire. We are thorough in our staff hiring process so that our campers experience the very best of camp.

Medical Safety

Two Registered Nurses are on site each week. All medications are given by an RN. Summer staff are CPR and First Aid Certified. Our camp is within 0.5 mile of Lake Lure Fire Department's first responders and is in within 30 minutes of a hospital. Your camper's medical safety is of utmost importance to us.

Ministry Safe Abuse Prevention

Every summer staff member, full-time staff member, and volunteer is required to take Ministry Safe, a camp-specific sexual abuse training and pass a skillful screening process, along with a background check prior to stepping foot on campus. In addition, our summer staff are continuously trained throughout the summer to reduce the risk of abuse at camp.

Activity Safety Lifeguards

Certified by the American Red Cross in pool and waterfront training, as well as CPR and First Aid Outdoor Adventure Team: Trained by ACCT-Level 2 Challenge Course Practitioner, as well as CPR and First Aid certified Ministry Safe Accreditation Seal and Paragraph

Weather Safety

We train staff to protect campers in all weather. In cases of inclement weather, staff instruct campers to take shelter.

Pest Prevention

We have partnered with Ivy Oaks Analytics, a public health company that specializes in the control of ticks, mosquitoes, chiggers/ mites and poison ivy at large campgrounds, parks and summer camps. Ivy Oaks works with over 150 top summer camps.
We feel an obligation to our camp community to do everything in our power to reduce the risks associated with ticks, mosquitoes, chiggers/ mites and poison ivy.
Their process includes ongoing tick population measurements, landscape modification, natural control methods and more. Camp Lurecrest is proud to be one of the few camps nationally with an advanced public health standards certification by implementing this program.


Our Medication Policy

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All About Meds at Camp

Your camper's medical safety is of utmost importance to us. Two Registered Nurses are on site each week, in addition to the two EMTs we have on full-time staff. All medications are distributed by an RN. Summer staff are CPR and First Aid Certified. Our camp has an infirmary on site and is in within 30 minutes of a hospital.

If you have additional questions or concerns about your camper’s medical care, email us at

Camper Health Form

The most important place to communicate about your camper’s medical needs is the camper’s health form. This form is due March 15th and is available on your Campintouch account.

Med Storage

To protect the safety of all campers from having access to meds, all medications must be kept in the infirmary. This applies not just to campers, but also to our staff, so there’s no possibility of a camper getting into a staffer’s luggage and accessing medication.

Exceptions are made for rescue inhalers, diabetic supplies, and epi-pens. These will be carried with your camper's counselor at all times.

Meds to Bring

Please leave all non-prescription medications other than allergy medicine at home for the week. We’re well stocked with everything else they might need! See a full list of the medication we keep on hand at the bottom of this guide.

Over-the-Counter Daily Meds

If your camper requires an over-the-counter med on a regular basis (ex. takes claritin every day), we need a letter from the doctor stating how often to give the medication, along with the dosage.

Packing Camper Meds

If your child is taking prescription meds, then you'll need to provide our arrival day nurses with a signed and completed Camper Medication Form, indicating all meds and their applicable doses. Make sure you keep all prescription medication in its original container. State regulations require all medication to be in their original containers so we cannot make exceptions.

Other Important Med Info

Speaking of state regulations, we also cannot administer prescription meds that are:

-Expired. All medication must be currently valid.

-Prescribed to other people. Medication must be prescribed to the camper only and not other family members. If dispensing instructions have changed, please ensure the label is updated by the pharmacy.

-Compounded or mixed at home. We can administer medicines that have been compounded or mixed by a pharmacy, but we cannot administer medicines that have been mixed or compounded together at home. Our nurses at camp are also unable to mix or compound medicines together. If you need this, work with your pharmacy ahead of time to bring a pharmacy mixed medicine with you.

-Broken in half. We cannot administer medicines that are cut or broken into smaller doses than prescribed.

Regulations require us to follow the directions on all medicines unless we have a note from a physician authorizing something different. So if a bottle says it is for adult use only and it is checked in for a ten-year-old, we cannot administer it. This is often a problem for Melatonin. Or if you request a higher dosage than what is listed on the medication directions, you’ll need a doctor’s note for that.

Essential Oils

We do not administer essential oils to campers; please do not send them in your camper’s luggage.


We do not administer CBD oil to campers; please do not pack it in your camper’s luggage.

Melatonin, Vitamins, & Supplements

The North Carolina Board of Nursing only allows nurses to administer medications that are prescribed by doctors. Thus, we do not allow multi-vitamins/supplements during a camp week unless prescribed by a doctor. [We are by law able to treat campers with over the counter medication on an as needed basis per our medical director's protocols. (Example: Tylenol, Benadryl & Neosporin, etc.)] If, however, your child is medically required to take vitamins/supplements, then please bring the doctor's prescription, stating the multi-vitamin to be given and the dosage. Please note that this includes melatonin needed for sleep; you'll need to provide a doctor's note and the melatonin in its original bottle.

Returning Medication

On your departure day, you can pick up your meds when checking out at camp. Please don’t forget! Bring your photo ID so we can verify we are giving the meds back to the right person.


If needed, you may call in a prescription for pickup at our local pharmacy: Ingles Pharmacy, 276 NC Highway 9, Lake Lure, NC 28746. Phone: 828.625.0748.

Medications in Our Infirmary


  • Acetaminophen 325mg
  • Extra Strength Tylenol 500mg
  • Aleve (Naproxen) 220mg
  • Ibuprofen 200mg
  • Jr Strength Ibuprofen 100mg

Children’s Pain

  • Children’s Ibuprofen Oral Suspension
  • Children’s Tylenol Oral Suspension
  • Children’s Acetaminophen chews 80mg, 160mg

Cold & Allergy

  • Benadryl 25mg
  • Children’s Benadryl Elixir
  • Chloraseptic Spray
  • Cough Drops
  • Dayquil Cold & Flu gel caps
  • Nyquil Cold & Flu Elixir
  • OTC Claritin, tabs & liquid
  • OTC Xyzal, tabs & liquid
  • OTC Zyrtec, tabs & liquid


  • Antacid Tablets (Tums)
  • Imodium AD
  • Imodium Anti Diarrhea     Elixir
  • Kids Tums Chewable
  • Meclizine 25mg (Dramamine)
  • Miralax
  • Pepto Bismol Chewable
  • Pepto Bismol Oral     Suspension
  • Pepto Children’s     Chewable

Eye, Ear, Nose, & Throat

  • Afrin Nasal Spray
  • Earache Relief Ear drops Homeopathic
  • Eye analgesic
  • Eyewash sterile irrigating solution
  • Lubricating Eye drops
  • Swim-EAR
  • Visine


  • Anti-chaffing and rash powder
  • Bactine
  • Calamine Topical clear gel
  • Clotrimazole Anti-fungal cream
  • Nix Lice Treatment
  • Ting Antifungal Spray (Athlete’s foot)

Wound Care

  • Antiseptic Solution Povidone Iodine 10%
  • Betadine
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Quick Clot Emergency Hemostatic Gauze
  • Wound Wash Saline Spray


  • After Bite Cream
  • Bacitracin Zinc
  • Hydrocortisone Cream 1%
  • Neosporin
  • PDI Povidone Iodine Prep pads
  • Sting Relief Swabs
  • Triple Antibiotic Ointment


Packing List

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What to have ready for Check-in

What to Pack:

  • Bible, journal, and writing utensil
  • Sunscreen
  • Twin sheets and blanket or sleeping bag
  • Pillow
  • Towels (2) – Shower towel & pool/lake towel
  • Toiletries
  • Bug spray
  • Battery-powered or electric fan
  • Small, light backpack or drawstring bag for treks to the lake and around camp
  • Flashlight
  • Jacket or sweater
  • Rain jacket
  • Lace-up shoes: High ropes activities require closed-toe shoes
  • Flip-flops, sandals, or Crocs for water-based activities
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Theme day attire, if desired
  • Modest bathing suit: One-piece or tankini for girls, trunks for guys
  • Laundry bag for dirty clothes
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Face Mask or Gaitor, if riding the bus

What NOT to pack:

  • Mobile phones or smart watches
  • Laptops or computers
  • iPods, CD players, etc
  • Video game devices
  • Any electronic entertainment
  • Jewelry and other valuables

Payment & Cancellation Policy

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$75 deposit per camper is required at registration.

Full tuition is due May 1 through credit card or eCheck.

Before May 1: 100% Tuition, 100% Ranch House, & 100% Bus Fare refunded minus $75 non-refundable deposit

After May 1: 50% Tuition, 100% Ranch House & 100% Bus Fare refunded minus $75 non-refundable deposit

14 days or less before camper dates: None, unless a medical or family emergency cancellation

During camper's session: No refunds

Medical Cancellation: If a doctor’s written verification is provided prior to the start of the camper’s camp session, a full refund will be given, minus the $75 non-refundable deposit. All cancellations must be submitted in writing. Please do so here.

Family Emergency Cancellation: In the event of a family emergency (death or severe sickness), please contact us immediately. All cancellations must be submitted in writing.

My child is registered and paid for camp, but cannot attend. Can I use this payment for the next summer?

Our costs are fixed each year, so campers who do not attend may request a refund, if eligible, but we cannot hold funds for the next year.

If you have questions about monthly payment options or automatic billing, you can always contact us.


Ranch House (Camp Store)

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In our Ranch House (camp store), we offer the following items:

1) Snacks - We offer snacks two times a day, but limit campers as to how much they can purchase each time. (suggested amt: $15-25)

2) Crafts - Our craft shop has many free time options for campers, including paracord bracelet, tie-dye, and pottery. We sell small to large items, many of which can be fired in a kiln and taken back home! (prices range $1-15)

3) Gift Shop - Campers can purchase various items at our Ranch House, such as stickers, drinking bottles, Tshirts, hats, etc. (prices range $1-$30)

(All unused Ranch House funds will be refunded to you following your camper's camp week, unless at the time of registration you choose to donate it to our Sponsorship Fund. Allow 2-3 weeks for us to process any applicable refund.)