Cabin Assignments

Camp Lurecrest pre-assigns cabins for all camp sessions. It is our intention to create a family atmosphere in our cabins, and for all campers to feel comfortable and welcome among their bunkmates.


Our policy is to allow bunk requests for groups of up to 4 campers. That means a camper can be paired with 3 buddies, creating the maximum size group of 4. We guarantee that your camper will be with at least one of their requested buddies, and we make every effort to honor all two-sided buddy requests of groups of 4 or less.

Approximately 30% of the kids who come to camp do not come to camp with buddies. We actually believe this can really enhance their camp experience! We do make an effort to place campers without buddies in the same cabin with each other. We do not place a camper without a buddy in a cabin where all other campers have buddies.


Along with bunkmate requests, we do consider age/grade as we are assigning cabins. Some cabins will have multiple grades while others may only be one grade. However, typically, campers will be with other campers of his/her same grade. Furthermore, your camper will never be the only one from his/her grade in their cabin.

A preliminary cabin list will be sent to parents approximately 10 days before camp begins. Changes may still be made to the list at that time and then a final list & cabin name will be sent a few days prior to departure day. That gives parents a chance to double check our assignments. It is no easy task!