meet the Staff & board

Say hello to our year round staff and board of directors!

Dan Bragdon

Camp Director

Since 2018

Josh Ester

Director of Operations

Since 2019

Mac Hillabush

Maintenance Director

Since 2021

Beck Muse

Summer Camp Manager

Since 2022

Shelley Tuttle

Relationship Manager

Since 2012

Carla Love

Financial Administrator

Since 2015

Stephanie Pitts

Nurse Coordinator

Since 2020

Our Board of Directors

Richard McCulloch

Board Chairman

Since 2013

Since 2020

Cindy Anderson

Board Member

Since 2020

James Arnette

Board Member

Since 2015

Roland Eldridge

Board Member

Since 2017

Ashley Gordon

Board Member

Since 2020

Jerry Martin

Board Member Emeritus

Since 1995