Camper Sponsorships

The purpose of our camper sponsorship program is to enable children to come to camp who normally would not be able to because of financial need.

As you determine how much you can contribute, please check with friends, family members, your church, and any other organization you feel may be able to financially help you send your child to camp. Your diligence in this area will help us give the funds we have to as many children as possible.

Camp tuition sponsorships are available for those needing financial assistance and are granted on an “as-need” basis at the discretion of our Executive Director. Each sponsorship request is given consideration in the order it is received.

Family circumstances and the available sponsorship funds will determine the amount of sponsorship granted. If anything less than a full sponsorship is granted, the remaining camper tuition, the camper’s Ranch House spending money, and the bus fare, if applicable, are the responsibility of the registering party. We are aware that some families are facing financial difficulties and it is our desire that no child is prevented from attending camp for financial reasons.

To apply for camper sponsorships, first register your camper, which requires a $75 deposit, so that a bed is held for your camper. Our camps fill up quickly; this will ensure that your camper does not end up on the waitlist during the sponsorship inquiry process.

After your camper is registered, fill out the Camp Lurecrest Sponsorship Request Form. Each sponsorship request is given consideration in the order it is received. All sponsorships will be considered after registration opens in January.