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Food at Camp

Over 50,000 meals served each summer!

Our food service staff love to care for campers through delicious food and a delightful dining experience. Each Camp Lurecrest camper is provided with a safe and enjoyable dining experience by accommodating for various dietary needs. Meals are served to our 224 campers and 100 staff three times each day.

Community is encouraged at Lurecrest. Campers and counselors sit family-style around tables, engaging in conversation and laughter centered around food.

FOOD CHOICES From fruit and veggies at each meal to sunflower butter sandwiches and desserts each night, your campers will be in food heaven! In addition to three hot meals each day, campers have the opportunity to purchase snacks during their Ranch House time.

FOOD ALLERGIES Prior to each camp session, the food service director will review camper allergies. Each week, the kitchen staff take special care to prevent cross-contamination through a special prep area in the kitchen.

SAMPLE MENU Breakfast Bacon, Eggs, Biscuits, and Fruit; What more could you want to start the day? Snack Time! Head to the Ranch House for a healthy morning snack. Lunch Chicken sandwiches to your heart's content! Snack Time! Popsicles to cool off in the afternoon? Yes, please! Dinner Pizza, spaghetti, kid-friendly food galore! Ranch House Snack Grab something sweet or savory before evening chapel begins!

The Barn = Our Dining Hall

The Ranch House = Our Camp Store