Ranch House

In our Ranch House (camp cantina), we offer the following items:

1) Snacks - We offer snacks two times a day, but limit campers as to how much they can purchase each time. (suggested amt: $15-25)

2) Crafts - Our craft shop has many free time options for campers, including paracord bracelet, tie-dye, and pottery. We sell small to large items, many of which can be fired in a kiln and taken back home! (prices range $1-15)

3) Gift Shop - Campers can purchase various items at our Ranch House, such as stickers, drinking bottles, Tshirts, hats, etc. (prices range $1-$27)

4) Paint Ball Supplies - Campers in Bearwallow 1 & 2, The Narrows, & Pinnacle camp sessions can participate in Paint Ball activities with their cabins at no cost; however, they can also purchase Paint Ball supplies in our Ranch House to be used during their optional Free Time activities. (approx $5 per Free Time Session)

(All unused Ranch House funds will be refunded to you following your camper's camp week, unless at the time of registration you choose to donate it to our Sponsorship Fund. Allow 2-3 weeks for us to process any applicable refund.)