March 10, 2021

Lurecrest Legacy Day

Lurecrest Legacy Day is on October 6th and is a new, annual celebration of the impact Camp Lurecrest has had in our lives and an invitation to invest in the future legacy of this place we love so much.

Did a week really change your life? Did God use someone at Lurecrest to impact your walk with Him? If so, we invite you to give in honor of that person or to become a Lurecrest monthly donor on October 6th, helping to continue the Lurecrest Legacy.

As you give, you will have the chance to write your story and share the ways God has used Camp Lurecrest in your life, which we will post on our website and share on our social media on October 6th and the following week. Email your stories & photos to

Join us in rejoicing in what God has done throughout Camp Lurecrest’s history and look expectantly to the future on this mountain.