New Venture

Mecklenburg County DSS

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Jun 10


Jun 14, 2024

Price: $

For Boys & Girls Rising Grades:




Guest Speaker:

Mike Slaughter

Returning Family Registration

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Registration dates coming soon!

Returning Family Registration begins jan 17 at 7pm

New Family Registration

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Registration dates coming soon!

New Family Registration begins jan 18 at 6:30am

Camp Lurecrest partners with Mecklenburg County Department of Social Services for this special week of camp. New Venture serves children under DSS care and is funded through our annual New Venture Golf Tournament & Auction.

Registration for New Venture Camp is run through Mecklenburg County DSS. Contact a Meck Co social worker with registration questions.

Guest Speaker

Mike Slaughter

Mike was born in Long Island, NY, but spent a lot of his childhood in Charleston, SC and Gastonia, NC. As the oldest of 5 siblings, he was the one that always took charge and lead others. His childhood was not a walk at the park. He was sexually abused and involved himself in some things as a teen that almost took his life. after receiving a football scholarship, he thought his life was complete. However, after injuring himself, those football dreams faded away. He found himself questioning what his purpose was and what God was calling him to do.

He fought a tough battle with depression and suicidal ideations, but no matter what, he always had a light within him. After while, he started to go to church again and was mentored by 3 men that helped turn his life around. Not too long after these positive relationships manifested, he realized that people would constantly come to him for advice, prayer, and wise counsel. He would always receive feedback from others about how he helped them find their purpose in life. Throughout the last decade, Mike has spoken at countless leader events, retreats, church services, camp trips, and even large protests.

Now, Mike is a husband to his beautiful wife, Sedae, and father to his three amazing children (David, Miguel II, and Serenity). You can find Mike anywhere there are people that need hope, love, or faith. He enjoys helping others find their true divine purpose through fellowship, speaking, and outreach. He believes that the church goes beyond just the four walls in the building. He says "God is very specific with how he wants us to treat others. He wants us to love everyone, and I plan on doing that while encouraging them to do the same. Once someone feels valued and loved, they can see more clearly. And once someone can see more clearly, that's when purpose is birthed."

Mike currently serves as the Urban Young Life Area Director in Charlotte.

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Lake Lure Car-Riders Drop-off

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207 Charlotte Drive, Lake Lure, NC, 28746