Kris Decker

Executive Director

Kris Decker

Since 2017

Kris has been married to Carolyn since 1992, and they have three children: Will, Janie, & Anna.  

He comes to Camp Lurecrest Ministries with a combined 30 years of camping and ministry experience. He invested his eighteen years before Lurecrest in the Charlotte area where he has been involved with students and their families, most recently as Associate Head of Co-Curricular Activities and Discipleship at Carmel Christian School (Matthews, NC) and then fifteen and a half years prior as Pastor of Student Families at Christ Covenant Church (Matthews, NC). He served at two other churches in Brandon, MS (during seminary) and Memphis, TN (where Kris met Carolyn), taught elementary school in Hutchinson, KS, and served four summers at Kanakuk Kamps in Branson, MO.

Kris grew up on a farm in Kansas and is an avid outdoorsman enjoying hunting, fishing and all sports. His undergraduate degree is from Emporia State University (B.S.E. Elementary Education) and he holds a Masters of Divinity degree from Reformed Theological Seminary.  He was ordained as a pastor in the Presbyterian Church in America in 2000 by Central Carolina Presbytery.


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