March 15, 2021

Monthly COVID-19 Update - March 2021

Dan Bragdon

Thank you for checking on our updates for our COVID-19 protocols this summer. Every week over the last month has provided more hopeful information about the feasibility of summer camp. While we are confident in the ability to host camp, there are no major changes to our communicable disease safety protocols since our last update. We are expecting our April 15th update to have some adjustments so please stay tuned.

You might be curious how we make the decisions we do. When considering what standards to enforce for limiting the spread and contraction of the Corona Virus to campers and families, Camp Lurecrest Ministries takes a three tiered approach.

1. Camp Families- Our first consideration is the campers and families from the greater Charlotte, Greenville, and Asheville areas. We pay close attention to the rates of positive case in those areas, monitor school closings/openings, and track how schools like Charlotte Christian have stayed ahead of outbreaks while staying open. Additionally we use outreach events, registration rates, surveys and feedback to monitor how our campers and families are navigating these unusual circumstances and where comfort levels are. We also stay connected to the city of Lake Lure in order to assess the local risk and see how our geographical community is doing compared to the Charlotte area.

2. Camping Community- Our second consideration is the Camping industry standard and “best practice” among other overnight camps. We regularly attend meetings with the regional and national organization of CCCA (Christian Camping and Conference Association) to find out what our sister camps are doing to mitigate risk and spread of the virus. The American Camp Association is a secular non-profit organization that provides protocols and suggestions for the implementation of CDC guidelines. Specifically we look to their Field Guide for camps to better understand the industry standards. Additionally we are members of the Association of Camp Nurses which provides hands-on resources for our nurses and provides us with excellent experts to consult with further camp related health questions.

3. Local, State, and Federal guidelines- Often these are the least stringent of the standards we consider but the ones that we are most careful to adopt. Our local health department has been phenomenal in working with us to make vaccines available to staff and answering questions concerning the implementation of state mandates. We look for updates on the North Carolina’s Interim Guidance for Overnight Camps and follow all state mandates pertaining to camp. Lastly on a national level, we are committed to following the CDC guidelines for summer camps.

Check back on April 15th for additional updates!


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