March 10, 2021

2021 Summer Camp - The BIG Question

Dan Bragdon

The BIG Question: Are you running camp in 2021?

Yes, we are committed to running camp in summer 2021 and believe that we can operate within the CDC guidelines while keeping camper health a priority.

However, we recognize that there are some variables outside of our control and 2020 has taught us to learn from our experiences and to recognize that there will always be circumstances that could keep us from opening our doors to campers. Because the pandemic is dynamic, we commit to updating our guidelines every month on the 15th beginning February 15th, 2021.

Important Highlights:

1) Camp is not risk-free. While we will work hard to mitigate COVID-19 exposure, there are inherent risks to gathering campers. Camp Lurecrest is an optional one-week experience in a controlled outdoor environment. Parents have the choice of whether or not the risk of camp is worth the reward. We believe the positive social environment of camp is an excellent answer to the stress and mental health challenges that so many are facing this year. Camp’s one week duration and onsite experience provides a manageable context with the option for families to quarantine after camp if necessary. We believe the positive social environment of camp is an excellent answer to the stress and mental health challenges that so many are facing this year.

2) Your investment is safe. In the event that Camp Lurecrest has to cancel 2021 Summer Camp for COVID-19 reasons, a complete refund for all tuition payments will be issued. Because of the generosity of so many camp families last year, we are in a financial place to confidently guarantee tuition payments if Camp Lurecrest cancels camps in 2021 due to COVID-19.

3) We are not dependent on government policy changes to run camp in 2021. We are planning for camp based on current pandemic conditions and NCDHHS guidelines. If conditions change, our policies will also adjust.


Unless there is a change to the NC mask mandate, facemasks will be required. Camp has had over 1200 campers come for day camps and retreats since the mask mandate. Masks have not been a deterrent to the camp experience. Masks will not be required in the water, on Outdoor Adventure activities (zipline, climbing wall, vertical playpen), or when campers are on their bunk.


Our current approach to running camp does not rely on vaccination availability. At no point will we require campers to be vaccinated. If vaccines are widely offered, we will update our policy. 


We will be running buses from Charlotte. As always parents are welcomed to drive and drop-off their campers at Lake Lure.


Camp will not do tests once campers are on site, however campers must come with a COVID test result taken between 3-7 days before camp. Pre-testing is a reliable and objective screening tool. If tests are not readily available we will adjust our policy. Camp Lurecrest is committed to refunding tuition payments due to cancellations from positive COVID tests leading up to camp.


Campers will need to complete a self-monitoring form for the days between their test result and the beginning of camp. No restrictions or quarantines will be required for previous out of state travel.


Staff will be pre-tested before staff training and will quarantine 14 days before camper arrival. We will have additional staff on call to fill in for staff that need to isolate due to symptoms or exposure. Staff will follow state and CDC guidelines during their stay at camp.


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