Property & Maintenance Director

The primary role of the Property and Maintenance Director is to accomplish Camp Lurecrest’s mission and vision through organizational excellence, faithful stewardship, and ministry goals as established by the Board of Trustees and the Executive Director. All responsibility and authority are delegated to the Property and Maintenance Director through the Executive Director and Camp Director.

Property & Maintenance Director

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January 21, 2020
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Jobs designated at the Director level will lead key operational areas at CLM, will report directly to the Executive Director in areas of new capital projects and the Camp Director in maintenance and grounds projects.  The Property and Maintenance Director is expected to take full responsibility to own and drive the requirements of his/her operational area. This requires a thorough understanding of the scope of responsibility and Director’s authority.

Expectations of a Director are as follows:

•      Work closely with the Camp Director to identify, prioritize and complete maintenance projects.

•      Along with the Camp Director, ensure all property maintenance projects are in concert with programmatic goals, philosophies and strategies of CLM.

•      Create project to-do lists and manage tasks according to ministry established priorities.

•      Train seasonal staff and volunteers and lead them in accomplishing maintenance tasks according to an established priority list.

•      Work with the Camp Director, Executive Director and Chairman of the Board’s Building & Grounds Committee to identify needed capital improvements.

•      Effectively communicate your vision for upgrading and improving facilities and grounds to better accomplish the CLM mission.

•      Direct and oversee all aspects of Camp Lurecrest’s capital improvement projects, including planning, permitting, materials, job site management, sub-contractors and budget.

•      Manage the maintenance and capital improvements budgets and make wise spending decisions for the ministry.

•      Be diligent and proactive in communicating to the Executive Director, Camp Director, CLM Building & Grounds Chairman, and staff when appropriate.  

•      Position yourself as the first response person to facility issues and needs and inform and bring in necessary help during emergencies.


•      Must be a born-again Christian with personal beliefs that are consistent with the CLM motto, mission, vision, core values, and statement of faith, and who will aspire continually to growth in faith, maturity, and selfless service as a reflection of the person and character of Jesus Christ.

•      This position requires a person who is committed to a service ministry and is willing to work unusual hours at times to fulfill the needs of our campers and/or staff team.  “Service Ministry”requires a servant’s heart and a willing spirit which are essential elements of a SERVICE CULTURE.  This is the means by which we fulfill the overall mission of CLM, which is to provide an environment where the presence of God is invited into the experience of every guest.  The staff role in what God may want to accomplish in the experience of our guests is to reflect His love and His sacrifice through heart attitude, countenance, and an excellent standard of service.

•      Personal priorities will reflect those of Jesus Christ, i.e. God – People – Task, in this order.

•      This staff position is part of a community of co-workers and fellow believers who live on the camp grounds requiring a deep commitment to unity, spiritual health, and the culture of cooperation, grace, mercy, and gospel-based community.  This dynamic requires a higher level of team contribution and selflessness than normal work environments, setting aside the fierce independence of the culture around us. Family health is critical to this service role and likewise, family buy-in and commitment to the ministry are also key.

•      This individual will be a trusted professional who will direct, manage, and execute mission critical processes requiring a high level of integrity, character, and sound personal judgment. Personal image, integrity, and character matter and are attributed to CLM in the minds of our constituency.



•      Preventative Maintenance: under the direction of the Camp Director, attend to maintenance and facility lists and regularly perform preventative maintenance on facilities and vehicles such as air filter replacement, oil changes and deep cleaning on air conditioning units.

•      System Maintenance and Repair: Take responsibility to diagnose and oversee repairs of system failures, including; lake to pool pump repair, swimming pool filter replacement, and power outage reporting and schedule repairs.

•      Building Maintenance and Repair: Monitor the exterior and interior condition of camp buildings and keep buildings in guest ready condition while closely monitoring building issues. Quickly respond to summer staff repair requests made during the summer.

•      Vehicle Maintenance and Repair: Monitor vehicle fleet and keep maintenance log.

•      Stocking and Supplies: Keep replacement parts on hand and supply any major projects or ongoing repairs.

•      Landscaping: Keep grounds guest-ready, train additional help when available and keep regular schedule of treating for weeds, poison ivy, mosquitos, kudzu, fire ants, and yellow jackets.

•      Organization: Keep the maintenance shed and all camp vehicles clean and organized as well as regularly inventory tools and supplies.

•      Planning and New Projects: Advise, execute, and assist with ongoing building and grounds master plans and projects as well as oversee any off-season projects.

•      Consistently communication with Executive Director, Camp Director and Charlotte office; also communicate with the CLM Board, when appropriate.

•      Coordination of volunteers and vendors.


•      Commitment to be a team player who seeks staff unity.

•      Communicate property concerns with Executive Director and Camp Director.

•      Organize work projects for staff orientation and volunteer work days.

•      Oversee volunteers.

•      Participate in staff and ministry functions


•      Assist with retreats as needed and as requested by the Camp Director.


•    Manage property and maintenance budget.


Direct Property and Maintenance Management

•      Liaison for health department approvals.

•      Coordinate and manage vendors and on-campus contractors.


Other Duties as Assigned

The Property and Maintenance Director maybe required to perform other duties as prescribed by the Executive Director and Camp Director. As such, the above statements are intended to describe the general nature of the work required for the Property and Maintenance Director. This list of duties and responsibilities is not intended to be exhaustive.

Note: The Property and Maintenance Director’s work week hours will vary based on the time of the year. The Property and Maintenance Director will often work evenings and weekends to accommodate activities such as summer camp, seasonal retreat schedules, and representing the organization at public events.


Key Outcomes

•      Prayerful, spiritual focus, and ability to discipleship summer camp staff as needed

•      Positive, supportive, and contributing member of CLM staff

•      Oversight of decisions and policies concerning property and maintenance at camp that are guarded, communicated and lived-out in praise and gratitude to God

•      Management of maintenance camp budget

•      Grow the existing network of Lake Lure contacts that serve and help maintain CLM property

•      Accurate and useful reporting is provided to the Executive Director in concert with the Camp Director


Qualifications & Experience


•      High School Diploma

•      Candidate should possess training and experience in abroad base of facility maintenance, construction management, and property operations with knowledge of best practice maintenance processes, procedures, and policies along with the ability to organize documentation and manage compliance requirements.

•      Ability to diagnose facility issues, schedule and direct repairs within budget constraints.

•      Keen eye for details with an established “camper parent” perspective.

•      Pleasant, hospitable disposition, disarming, servant’s heart, problem solver.

•      MS Office Suite literate, computer/network literate, aptitude to learn operational applications. Should have the ability to use computer applications to enhance productivity and reporting.  Responsible for creating lists on google drive and keeping track of maintenance tasks.

•      Creative thought leadership, a willingness to change, an ongoing desire to improve personally, and the initiative to improve services and processes that effect our campers and retreat guests.

•      Capable of interacting with group leaders on and off CLM grounds honorably representing CLM as a leading Christian camping ministry, and the Lord Jesus Christ as an ambassador of the faith.

•      Warm and outgoing personality that is welcoming to volunteers, staff, board, and campers.

•      An excellent planner and implementer who can originate and maintain a maintenance calendar, mobilizing volunteers and staff to keep facilities running smoothly.

•      Should be able to plan, schedule, and execute facility related projects.

•      Should possess a high level of collaborative skills with other professional ministry disciplines such as finance, program/recreation, food services, projects, and retreats with the ability to see the big picture.

•      Willingness to prepare for and respond to maintenance related emergencies related to weather, damage, or system failures.


•      College degree or higher

•      Five years of experience in property and maintenance management in a non-profit


•      CCCA camping experience.

•      Demonstration of an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit is an asset.